KC8YLD, 2 Miles South of Jelloway, Ohio
40.5124N, 82.3206W

Message Handling

Take the EMCOMM / WRRL
Traffic Handler's Quiz

Ohio Single SideBand Net (OSSBN)
NTS MPG-MESSAGE FORMAT (22 pages Detail Instructions on Message Handing)
FSD-218 Message Format, Precedences, Handling Instructions, QN Signals, Q Signals, Abbreviations, Prosigns, Prowords
FSD-3 ARRL Numbered Radiograms
FSD-220 Useful Operating Guide
ARRL Original RadioGram Forms (2 to a page)
Printer Friendly RadioGram Forms (2 to a page)
FSD-244 Amatuer Radio Disatser Welfare Message

Here is a Morse Code practice App in Java, Save and unzip. Click morse.html to run.

Excel Spreadsheet of Repeaters around Central Ohio
Spreadsheet was created using MS Excel 2000. It is sortable by choosing DATA then Sort.
It lists 2 meter and 6 meter repeaters on seperate worksheets.

Threat Advisory
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(From the Department of
Homeland Security)

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